This is by far my favorite quote about writing. Ernest Hemingway had a powerful way with words and I imagine he understood the force that a few words can create. In general, Hemingway’s writing style was direct and succinct, minimalist. His style conveys the understanding that you don’t need an overabundance of words to get your point across or create an image; all you need is to pour your heart and soul onto the pages. And that’s truly what writing is.

All writers have one thing in common; they express their truth, their history and their understanding of the world through the words they share, or don’t share. They let themselves bleed for the entertainment or satisfaction or sorrow of others. This is such a difficult task that is rarely appreciated by readers. But Hemingway clearly understood the vulnerability behind the act. He understood the raw pain that writing can create but also the high, the euphoria that bleeding can sometimes produce. And when you think about the people you can touch with your words, the people who take shelter in your pages, you know it’s worth it.

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