Review: Royally Matched (The Royally Series Book 2) by Emma Chase

Review: Royally Matched (The Royally Series Book 2) by Emma Chase

Royally Matched (The Royally Series Book 2) by Emma Chase: 4/5 stars!

Some men are born responsible, some men have responsibility thrust upon them. Henry John Edgar Thomas Pembrook, Prince of Wessco, just got the motherlode of all responsibility dumped in his regal lap.

He’s not handling it well.

Hoping to help her grandson to rise to the occasion, Queen Lenora agrees to give him “space”—but while the Queen’s away, the Prince will play. After a chance meeting with an American television producer, Henry finally makes a decision all on his own:

Welcome to Matched: Royal Edition.

A reality TV dating game show featuring twenty of the world’s most beautiful blue bloods gathered in the same castle. Only one will win the diamond tiara, only one will capture the handsome prince’s heart.

While Henry revels in the sexy, raunchy antics of the contestants as they fight, literally, for his affection, it’s the quiet, bespectacled girl in the corner—with the voice of an angel and a body that would tempt a saint—who catches his eye.

The more Henry gets to know Sarah Mirabelle Zinnia Von Titebottum, the more enamored he becomes of her simple beauty, her strength, her kind spirit… and her naughty sense of humor.

But Rome wasn’t built in a day—and irresponsible royals aren’t reformed overnight.

As he endeavors to right his wrongs, old words take on whole new meanings for the dashing Prince. Words like, Duty, Honor and most of all—Love.

This was an adorable book! I loved the first book in the series, Royally Screwed, and had high hopes for Royally Matched. I can safely say that my hopes were met, but not quite surpassed. I love Sarah and Henry, our heroine and hero; they are both well developed, strong characters who grow throughout the story. The romance is on point, as is the conflict and eventual resolution, and there’s a perfect balance between playful and heavier material.

All of this being said, I feel like a bit more could have been done. I think the plot line, the whole Royal Matched reality TV show thing, could have played out more substantially. I also think the beginning and ending of the book are both rushed, which is a shame because my favorite part of romances is when the H/H get to know each other. I really like Emma Chase’s writing style but I feel like she played it safe with this book. What she wrote is fantastic, but it could have been even better.

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