So, I know that spring doesn’t officially start for another month, but it was almost 70 degrees today in Southern Massachusetts and it felt really good! The sun was shining, the snow was melting, and people were out and about enjoying the nice weather. It can be hard in New England during the winter because the days are so short and gloomy; a lot of people, including myself, go into a winter slump which can be hard to break free from until spring comes along. So it’s nice when we have days like today to break up the glum monotony of winter (even though it’s probably caused by global warming which is actually a really bad thing, but I digress…).

I enjoy this quote from Penelope Trunk because it reminds you that there is hope. The earth continuously grows, transforms, and strengthens in cycles, and I think us humans can learn something from that. Life is certainly not linear and we need to understand that it’s OK if our path strays every once in a while as long as we eventually (sooner rather than later) re-align our motivation.

Use whatever you want to power your motivation. For me, it’s sunny days, apple scented candles, and a good long writing session that help me find the perspective and inspiration I sometimes need to continue pushing for what I love. And as winter comes to a close and spring pushes through, it becomes easier and easier to visualize the path to my end goal.


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