Review: Le Chevalier by Mary Jeans Adams

Review: Le Chevalier by Mary Jeans Adams

Le Chevalier by Mary Jean Adams: 4/5 stars!!

Alexandra Turner lives in a world turned upside down. The British are preparing to invade Philadelphia. Her parents are dead from smallpox. Her twin brother, Reid, is more interested in the revolution than he is in his sister.

When the Chevalier de Mont Trignon enters her life, she has no reason to trust the mysterious foreigner. She is drawn to him even as she realizes how little she knows about the elegant yet enigmatic man. Can she trust him with her life? Can she trust him with her heart?

The Chevalier de Mont Trignon, in the service of the King of France, has sailed to America to gauge the Americans’ chance for freedom for himself — and to escape the boredom of the Parisian Court. Enthusiasm for the American cause reignites his passions, as does Alex Turner, a beautiful tavern owner determined to discover his true identity. Keeping her near him and keeping her safe while keeping her curiosity at bay is the truest test of his skills as a chevalier.
In the dangerous world of revolutionary America, where people aren’t always who they seem.

What an underrated hidden gem! Le Chevalier by Mary Jean Adams receives a solid, well-earned 4 stars! Lately, I’ve been in the mood for historical romance, specifically Revolutionary America period romance. Maybe because I’m from Boston and grew up surrounded by history, but I love that time period and everything it represents; it was a time of rebellion but also of discovery and growth. Being from Massachusetts, I grew up visiting historical sites such as Plimoth Plantation and Sturbridge Village, which has given me an appreciation not only for historical accuracy but also for the ability  to truly feel what life would have been like back then. For me to give more than 3 stars to a historical novel, it needs to be convincing; I should be able to taste the smoke from the hearth, feel the pewter in my hand, and see the rough cobblestone streets. Of course, a beautiful romance is a plus!

Le Chavelier is a near perfect example of my ideal historical romance for these reasons:

  • Several famous historical figures are mentioned or have their own scenes.
  • While Boston is my favorite city, Philadelphia is a good second choice for the stage.
  • Alex is a strong heroine with progressive ideals for women.
  • There are French! Most novels set during Revolutionary America fail to include the very important Frenchmen who helped us win the war. It’s even better that the romance is between an American and a Frenchman rather than a Brit, which usually happens.
  • Ms. Adams’s writing is strong and the story flowed well

Now for the reasons it lost 1 star from me:

  • The description could have been better. While the writing is great and relatively believable, it doesn’t produce quite the strength of imagery I want out of a historical novel.
  • The ending felt rushed. I don’t want to give anything away, but I was really looking forward to the ending and what became of our hero and heroine. Maybe I just loved them so much that I didn’t want the story to end

Le Chevalier is a well written, highly underrated historical romance. The writing and romance are on point and I will definitely be checking out her other novels!


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