So, I really dislike putting books down. And by that I mean literally putting them down and not finishing them, but also belittling or condemning them. It takes a lot of courage to put your thoughts down on paper for the world to see and judge and I respect anyone who can do that! 

The past few months, I’ve had some trouble with finishing books, most of which have really good reviews and I was excited to read. For some, the writing just wasn’t my style. For others, the plot was much too tired and predictable. And most of the time, I just couldn’t connect to the characters. And all of this is disappointing because these books came highly recommended. 

So why is it that these books with sub-par writing and unoriginal plots are best sellers and the books with originality and solid writing are left unknown? When I was younger, I don’t think I understood the difference between good and bad books. But I’ve read A TON of books in my life and I finally know what I want out of one. And turns out most of the best sellers just aren’t for me. And that’s OK! I want to become more picky with the books; there are so many random, unfinished books on my Kindle and I don’t like that. I’m finally starting to figure out my own book criteria and I’m excited that! 

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