My little problem: Setting criteria

My little problem: Setting criteria

Hello and welcome back to my latest Notebook Thoughts series, “My Little Problem”! If you’ve been following along, then you know the little problem I’ve been having the past couple of months is not finishing books. Normally, I read books straight through in a day or two, completing the whole thing. But for some reason, I’ve been struggling to complete certain books lately. After some analysis, I figured out a few reasons this may be: the writing, the plot, and the characters.

I was happy when I discovered that, when it comes to romance, I’m more of a slow burn romance person because it keeps me interested throughout the whole book. But romance isn’t the only genre I read and I need to figure out a set of criteria for purchasing books. Even though they aren’t terribly expensive, I’ve purchased way too many Kindle books that I ended up hating, not even finishing, and definitley not wanting to read again. So while on my Jane Austen journey (mentioned in my last post), I’m going to work on discovering what I need in a book in order to stop wasting time and money on crappy books.

I hope you’ll join me on my journey to literary self-discovery!

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