I finished Emma today and I’m not quite sure how I feel about it. While I read it in high school and remembered the basic premise of the story (Emma’s match making and such), I wasn’t prepared for such conflicting feelings regarding Emma, the character. There were times I wanted to be her friend, and others when I wanted to punch her in the face for being such a presumptuous, entitled, spoiled brat. Her character obviously grew throughout the novel and she learned her lessons but was it enough growth for her to deserve the hero, Mr. Knightley?

Mr. Knightley is a classic Austen gentleman whose greatest flaw seems to be his love for Emma. While he is by no means blind to her flaws-and often lectures her on them-he believes her merits are greater. Nevermind the 17 year age gap…who am I to judge fictional characters from 200 years ago?

*Illustration by C.E. Brock

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