Ugh, I am quite unsure of my feelings regarding Mansfield Park. For the most part, I really enjoyed it. It lacked Austen’s usual wit and satire surrounding certain stereotypes, but I actually enjoyed the tamer depiction of life and people during that time period. I also really liked Fanny, but majorly disagree with her eventual fate. Edmund IS NOT the type of Austen gentleman I wanted Fanny to end up with. He’s selfish and only learns to appreciate Fanny when his other love option turns out to be even more selfish than he is. Fanny’s one flaw is her blinding love for Edmund which, since it makes her happy, I guess can be forgiven. I enjoyed the other characters and Austen, as always, did a fabulous job of making me hate the appropriate villains. Overall, Mansfield Park is home to my favorite Austen heroine so far; despite the whole Edmund thing (ugh), Fanny is smart, sensible, observant, and loving. *Illustration by Philip Gough

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