The Moth Presents, All These Wonders

Alright people, let me tell you about this book. If you know anything about The Moth, then you already know this a is must read. For those of you who don’t know about The Moth, that’s OK because I didnt either! 
I saw this book on the NY Times bestseller list and I was hooked by the gorgeous cover (I mean look at it). Then I read the synopsis which lead me to researching “The Moth”. The short version is this: The Moth is an oral storytelling movement that started in the ’90s and became super popular. People would put on these low budget shows where storytellers would do their thing. Now there’s a whole podcast series and this, plus one other, book. Like I said, I had never heard of any of this but now I’m preaching about it because THE STORIES ARE SO GOOD! 

I’ve been reading a few stories a day in between my Austen time and they seriously put life into perspective. I’ve literally laughed out loud and cried (fair warning, you might not want to read it in public because you may get emotional…or I’m just a super emotional person 😄). The best part about it though is how real the storytellers are. They aren’t afraid to let people in. Most of the storytellers are super smart and/or famous but you don’t know that until you get to the end of their story because they seem so normal. The small blurbs at the end of each story fill you in on the storyteller’s life and achievements and most of the time I’m like wow, that person seems so normal from their story but they’re a Nobel Prize winner (or something equally impressive). So please consider reading this book because it may very well change your life! Or at least your outlook on it 

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