“​Life appears to me too short to be spent in nursing animosity or registering wrongs. We are, and must be, one and all, burdened with faults in this world: but the time will soon come when, I trust, we shall put them off…”

-Charlotte Bronte, Jane Eyre
That Burns is certainly one smart cookie! A fictional child is teaching me good lessons about life and letting go πŸ˜‰ I haven’t been able to reach much this week so I’m still in the beginning chapters of Jane Eyre but I am enjoying it! Reading about a 19th century girls’ school certainly makes me grateful to live in this time period!
The gothic vibes are strong in this one and I think this Folio Society illustration by Santiago Caruso perfectly captures the mood and theme.

What a perfect rainy day collection! πŸŒ§β˜”πŸŒ« I’m so excited to be adding more Clothbound Classics to my book collection! I’d say these covers appropriately represent the brooding hauntedness of the Bronte Sisters 😱 And even though I classify them as “Autumn Reads,” I’m gonna go ahead and read them in the spring (that’s true rebellion right there).

HAPPY WORLD BOOK DAY!!πŸŽ‰πŸ“šπŸŽ‰ I know many of us have our own special reading places and this chair is mine! It was originally my grandmother’s “lady’s chair” and when she passed away, it was passed on to me. This chair is so well loved that it’s already been re-upholstered and it has followed me from bedroom to bedroom! These are the books I grew up reading in my chair and that have stayed with me over the years  when many others were donated (may the odds be ever in their favor 😏).